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Hi, I'm Renee. I Guess I'll Try to Give You an "About Me".

I'd like to begin by thanking you for caring enough to ask yourself, "Who is this weirdo?".  Thanks for visiting my About Me page. First thing's first. It should be said that I was genuinely upset at the lack of a single picture of myself in some variety of Star Wars, UFO or X-Files swag. It seems like a crime honestly.  You may have noticed that I have the exact same picture of myself on both the "About Me" page and the creepy author bio that follows you from page to page of this site. You can't escape me, you're never safe. Well, I hold some sort of aversion to pictures of myself.  Ask anyone who knows me- I'm an elusive species.  Catching me with a camera is nearly impossible though many have tried and failed.  So I guess that's fact number one.

I grew up in a little town named Clayton, North Carolina on March 26, 1995. That makes me an Aries in case you were wondering. I hope you caught that before I even mentioned it. If you did, we should be friends. Back to my hometown. There isn't much here to speak of and I feel this is partially the reason for my desperate need to travel.  I like to think that if it weren't for my complete lack of financial responsibility, I would have been to at least 3 different countries by now. Unfortunately I've never been outside of the United States.  Worse still, I've rarely even left the South. I know, I know- you just cringed. Welcome to my everyday life.

Why I'm This Way

You don't have to be a genius to infer that I probably have a huge interest in anything classified as bizarre.  This isn't to say that you aren't a complete genius. I don't know you personally but I feel a connection here. You're smart as hell and it's about time somebody told you so.  So yes, I'm a weirdo generally captivated by the unexplained, theorized and grim. I've loved sci-fi since as far back as I can remember.  Some of my earliest memories are in the front yard of my childhood home, battling unlucky tree trunks with a plastic lightsaber. I swung that lethal toy *ahem* weapon so aggressively that I'm honestly appalled my parents didn't know there was something wrong sooner.

I wanted to be Luke Skywalker from the time I was 3 years old and I'm not ashamed to say I still do. Honestly though, who doesn't want to be Luke Skywalker?

My obsession with UFO's, conspiracy theories and true crime began in my early adolescence and never left me. Renee Rose was that girl sprawled out under a tree on the playground, head buried in the pages of a book on serial killers. I once asked my parents to buy me an outrageously expensive pair of night-vision goggles because I was completely sure that I'd single-handedly find and capture Bigfoot. I argued that I'd stumble upon a docked spacecraft in the dense woods behind our house at the very least. Unfortunately my plea was denied and the elusive Bigfoot got away from me. I relate though.  It's not like I enjoy having my picture taken either, after all.

If you've made it to this point I genuinely appreciate it.  I'm also a little freaked out that you cared so much. Like, wow. I thought I was the weird one here.  Your strange nature aside, I do appreciate your attention.  I hope you find something on my website to be mildly interesting and maybe even love it just as much as me.

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2 years ago

Cool im into ufos and such as well.. go Bob Lazar Go!

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2 years ago

Then you're my type of person!

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