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Your online store comprises of various products in terms of shape, weight, sizes, material, etc. for shipping of these products it generates the need of shipping rules. These rules will let you apply tailor made shipping charges on the basis of settings configured by you.
Mconnect Shipping Rule Extension for Magento 2 is the ultimate solution to generate infinite shipping rules to fulfil several expectations of online store owners. This custom shipping method for Magento 2 will let you create several shipping rules on the basis of characteristics and conditions. By this extension, you can make customised shipping rules which is entirely according to your requirements. The enabled shipping carriers are listed with the given shipping charge once the configurations and conditions are satisfied by the products added in cart.  It will be very helpful to prevent you from any kind of loss in shipping and also facilitates customers with the precise evaluation of shipping charges that is itself on the cart page. It also allows you to set shipping rates visibility that provides flexibility to the store owners if they would like to designate the specific shipping fees strategy to the particular addressed category.
Mconnect Shipping Rules Extension for Magento 2 Features:
On the basis of given conditions you can customise shipping charges for shipping carriers
Using surcharge, replace or discount options you can recalculate shipping charges.
Application of shipping rule based on particular products, categories, customer groups, etc.
Shipping charge varied on the basis of total quantity and price of products that is in the cart.
Capable of adding various number of conditions
You can select days on which shipping rule is to be activated.
You can recalculate shipping charges on the basis of applied coupon code.
You can recalculate shipping charges on the basis of applied shopping cart rule.
You can prioritize the application of shipping rules according to your need like you can put 0 being the highest and succeeded by 1 and much more.
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