Mars Transit 2020

Mars may be a very powerful planet consistent with astrology. it's related to the masculine figure. This planet rules over two zodiac signs; Aries and Scorpio. Mars symbolizes a warrior. Therefore, it helps you overcome the dark phases of your life. 

Mars may be a planet that features a excellent relationship with the Sun also because the Moon. the foremost often associated term with Mars is 'Mangal Dosh'. it's a really bad phase that features a very bad influence on the native's life. It creates hurdles in their life. So people adopt many measures to attenuate its effects.
When the earth Mars shifts from one zodiac sign to a different, it's referred to as Mars Transition. It sits on one zodiac sign for one and a half months then proceeds forward to a different sign. It influences the lives of natives counting on which house it's deposited.  mars current transit  

An auspicious house will convince be very lucky to the natives and can give positive results. However, if it's into an inauspicious house, the native will need to undergo some tough times. These problems will mainly be associated with the health of the native. it's going to also cause severe accidents. that's why natives got to put extra precautions for his or her safety during this era. 

Mars In Vedic Astrology
In Vedic astrology, Mars means action and energy. It forces the natives to place their ideas into action to finish the task they need been considering for an extended time. However, the strength of this energy is sort of high, and thus, it's suggested to native to use it accordingly. 

the earth Mars specifically influences the married lifetime of the native. Auspicious position of Mars will help your married life run smoothly but an inauspicious position will bring problems only. so as to avoid your marriage getting sour, you would like to figure on communication and learn to forgive one another and advance with past fights. 

The Effects of Transition of Mars 

First House:

When Mars transits within the first house of the horoscope, it helps boost the mental strength of the native. They feel courageous in themselves. This helps them perform better at their workplace. However, this might also end in over-confidence which can eventually be the explanation for disagreements between people.  rahu transit 2020

Second House: 
The transition of Mars to the second house will cause a rise within the native's attraction to materialistic things. they're going to chase after luxuries and platonic happiness. this may eventually increase their expenses and may also cause them aggression. 

Third House:
When the Mars transits within the first house of the horoscope, the native couldn't specialize in their work which results in delays in its completion. they could get themselves into unnecessary tasks which can divert their energy from more productive tasks. this era can also increase the probabilities of disputes of natives with people. 

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