Mamby improvements: A list of proposed updates

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Potential improvements that could be made to Mamby

1. Google indexing: It would be great if Google would index mamby posts. Then the world can discover your posts rather than only mamby users

2. Post text editor: When you edit a posts, previously applied links are lost

3. Post text editor: When you edit posts, ' and " characters are escaped and become a \' ​for e.g​​​. That means you have to go through and re-edit each apostrophe.

4. Board subscription: I've seen the term "subscription" used on the boards page, but I don't see anywhere I can see which users have subscribed to what boards? This would be useful info.

Comment on this post with any other suggestions! Maybe Mamby will see this post! 

With the above points put to one side, I'm really enjoying using Mamby. Keep up the good work @mamby!

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