Making the Packing Easy in Warehouses with Storage Wire Mesh Containers

A close up of a cage
Storage Wire Mesh Containers offered at HML Wires give you right solution for packing up the things in a better way. When you keep them empty, you can easily fold them up. The lateral areas fold in and are joined to the base; therefore the complete height is reduced to 285 mm and 265 mm for the small Muffineer. It can be stacked upto 3 units high and with a functional load of 1,000 kg per Muffineer, showing the complete of 3,000 kg and 900 kg correspondingly. Place your order for Tire Pallet Rack available online at the best cost.

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4 Posts is a top notch Metal Products manufacturers industry. We provide several metal products including Wire mesh container, post pallet & nestainer, stillage, roll cage, cage pallet and much more.

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