Make your Retail Packaging Luxury Using Gold and Silver Foiling

When it comes to packaging, it either increases the worth of your product. Or shabby looking packaging can decrease the value of its merchandise. Your product quality does not matter when it is on the shop shelf. The only thing that matters is its packaging. If your product packaging is not up to data and charming, then your product might stay on that for a longer duration than you had expected. Have you ever went to a shop and saw the product you were there to buy, but it has substandard packaging. Would you still buy it? I think not, because the wretched packaging is not conveying a positive image. And you would assume immediately that this product does not belong to an authentic company. Packaging speaks for itself, for a product, and its company.

Those days are gone when people would do shopping to buy the things that they need. Now, shopping is just like a vocation. These days, if you are out shopping, then you would anything that is looking attractive. Many companies are starting to come up with luxury packaging. Different types of luxury brands had to start to give their boxes a touch of makeup. Foil stamping is in trend, and they give your boxes a distinctive look. The main concern of the luxury brands is to make their packaging boxes distinct and appealing. Let's go into details. 

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is also called hot stamping. It is a printing technique in which dried ink or foils got transferred to a surface, which has a higher temperature. For foil stamping, you need to have a die that gets heated with the material that needs stamping. Silver and gold stamping is the most common type of foil stamping.

Hot stamping machines carry out this process. A die is mounted and heated over the product that would be getting stamped. A metalized roll-leaf carrier got inserted between the two, and the die got pressed down through it. This type of stamping never gets old. These types of printing give your custom retail boxes a sparkling and smooth appearance. 

Types of Foils Used for Stamping:

There are many types of foil stamping, and we are going to discuss some of the foils briefly to give you a better understanding of them. 

Metalized Foil:

It is the most usual type of foil stamping, and it gives your packaging boxes a shiny look. These foils get coated with a thin layer of metal like aluminum, silver, and gold. They give your retail packaging boxes a glossy look.

Holographic foil:

It imprints the holographic images to the material that is getting stamped. It gives a 3-dimensional effect.

Special effect foils:

These foils are getting used to giving special effects and texture to your packaging boxes. You can imprint different images on your packaging cases.

Scratch-off foil:

It is not a reliable type of foil as it can easily be scratched off. It is getting used for only a temporary purpose. They are used to hide some information like some phone cards.

Silver Foil Stamping:

The level of retail boxes has got raised so high that only some companies can reach that standard. Luxury brands are customizing their packaging boxes in a way that they are incomparable.

To compete in the market, choose a packaging that increases the value of your product. A touch of Silver foil stamping can raise the standard of your brand and can easily impress the customers.

Gold Foil Stamping:

The stamping technique that is getting carried out by using gold foil is called gold foil stamping. Many luxury brands are using gold foil to decorate their shopping retail packaging boxes. Gold stamping not only increases your product value but also makes it look upscale and appealing. So, customize your retail packaging boxes with elegant foil stamping techniques.

Is Foil Stamping necessary?

Foil stamping is eco-friendly, and it is 100% recyclable. And it does not implements fatalistic effects on your product packaging boxes. The product on which foil stamping gets implemented can be recycled. The ink used is also dry and environmentally friendly.

So, make your retail boxes charismatic but also climate-friendly at the same time. Buyers are getting more interested in climate-friendly packaging nowadays, so take this opportunity to increase your merchandise marketing.

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