M135i potential upgrades - shocks & springs or a remap?

M135i BBS-CHR Alloy Wheels
I'm in the 'decision phase' of upgrading my 2015 (65 plate) manual m135i.

The std 3.0 turbo N55 unit offers an abundance of power. 320bhp, 0-60mph 5s. The car really goes!

Yet the stiff, under-damped std setup struggles to make use of the power on pot-hole-ladden uk roads, often feeling floaty & unstable when powering through the corners.

Wider alloys to improve track width c/w uprated springs & dampers is a popular solution, but include a geo setup and the total cost can be close to £3k.

Or... get a £500 remap to have the car delivering 380bhp. Ultimately a faster car overall and a bucket of savings!!!

do love those BBS-CHR wheels in the pic tho. The std 436m alloys r ugly as hell! 

Decisions decisions...

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