M135i Bilstein dampers & Eibach springs

Bilstein dampers Eibach springs
If you read my previous post, you'll be aware that I've been considering how I can best improve my BMW m135i. A quick recap of the options...

380bhp remap. A monstrously fast car in a straight line but I can imagine still feeling frustrated being unable to utilise the power in the bends.

Wider wheels. A vast improvement of how the cars looks whilst also offering the benefit of a slightly wider track, but a huge investment for an aesthetics-only improvement.

So after much deliberating I believe I've chosen the option that I think will give me the best overall ROI - chassis and handling.

My original intention was to upgrade dampers only. By swapping out the standard dampers for a Bilstein B8 but retaining the stock springs, ride-height would remain unaltered whilst ridding of the useless std dampers.

I contacted Litchfield Motors in Tewkesbury (the same place I contacted for the remap) and they quoted me £1000 supply & fit. This felt like quite a lot for dampers only.

I contacted Birds in Buckinghamshire. They offer a bespoke version of the B12 Pro-Kit consisting of customised Bilstein b8 dampers AND Eibach springs. £1500. Whilst this seems better value for money vs. the Litchfield dampers-only quote, it's still way above my intended budget and the general consensus (on the forums) is that Birds are over-priced.

Then I contacted Demon Tweeks in Wrexham. Off-the-shelf Eibach springs & Bilstein b8 dampers + fitting + alignment + VAT = £931.18. Although I felt that I was finally getting somewhere, I couldn't help feel aggrevied that the B12 Pro-Kit was being supplied for £617 and then a whopping 20% VAT was being slapped on top resulting in a total cost of £740. So I set about sourcing the parts for myself...

Autodoc.co.uk. The B12 Pro-Kit (listed here as the "Eibach Pro-Kit") was on offer at £585. I watched the prices for a week (prices fluctuate due to exchange rates as Autodoc is a German outfit), then I installed the app (you receive further discounts on purchases made via the app). I then did a bit of Googling and found a 2% discount coupon. Final cost for the shocks & springs - £538. A saving of £202 vs. the Demon Tweeks cost. Sweet!!!

Needless to say, the parts are now ordered. Keep an eye out for my next post where I'll be updating you on further progress.

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