LV Gucci and Dior once again collectively launched a new, New Year bags can be arranged!

October and November are my happiest two months, because I think they are the most comfortable seasons of the year. I like late autumn and I like to put on the windbreaker and step on the fallen leaves. Of course, my favorite is the custom of the major brands during this period. New 😄 . Although this year is a special year, it did not affect the normal "business" of the brands, especially Gucci, which just released the "Final" fashion series, pushed Jackie 1961 to another climax and released its new large size.

We won’t say much about Jackie 1961 today. I believe everyone is familiar enough with it this summer and autumn. My personal opinion is to buy the mini dress "cute" or the largest dress "retro".

Gucci's egg before Christmas this year is a collaboration series with Disney, which means "cute once a year". This time, Donald Duck and his three lovely nephews were favored by the Michele team.

Is there a sense of harmony when the colorful cartoon image is stamped on the retro GG old flower? The appearance of this makeup case is sturdy, and ordinary girls will look a little tough when holding it, but with the presence of Donald Duck, it is completely different, and even the neat short handle has become cute.

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