Looking to Implement a Salesforce Community? Here’s what You Need to Consider

Today, businesses across the globe are focusing on enhancing customer relationships to remain competitive. Since customers continue to be the most important asset, businesses are leveraging robust solutions like Salesforce to better understand and fulfill the requirements of their clients. So, if you too are looking to subscribe to Salesforce just as millions of customers have done, it’s important to take out some moment and comprehend what an ideal Salesforce implementation would look like for your small, medium or large organization.
Ask yourself the following questions before you set foot on your journey to Salesforce success:
Do you have a Vision as to how Your Community Implementation Should Look Like?
It’s very important to convey the answer to your team that will be building the community in order to ensure that your team is heading in the right direction. Once you have established your vision, it’s time we check out the next decision, which you have to make around the project.
What do you opt for building a community: A community builder template or a Custom visual force Tab community builder?
Since, the features and functionalities differ as per the type of template chosen by you; the route you choose depends on the goal of your community. So, if you have opted to use a community builder template then you open the doors to easier community maintenance and regular improvements with every Salesforce release.
What are the Needs of your Community Users?
It’s important to understand the requirement of your community users not just in terms of features and functionalities but also in the records and fields available to them. It’s important to assess whether certain users need more access to records as compared to others, or are there any rare scenarios that need to be accounted for? To ensure every user has the right access to what they need, it’s important to set up the community appropriately. The type of permissions and access you require providing your clients will determine the kind of license you will need. But before you choose the right licensing option, you must well be aware of differences between Customer Community Plus and Customer Community.
How do you plan to train your community users?
Training your community users is an important aspect of Salesforce implementation. However, the kind of training you provide (tutorials, webinars, etc.) will largely depend on the type and complexity of your community. 
 What will happen after you go-live?
After going live, you’ll have to ensure the support and maintenance of your community. Whether you have an internal team to manage or you partner with a certified Salesforce consultant, it’s important for you to ensure that your community runs smoothly.
So, if you too have made up your mind to implement Salesforce within your business ecosystem, make sure you clear all your doubts and concerns if any by engaging the services of a Salesforce implementation partner who can help you maximize the potential of this innovative technology. 

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