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Welcome to my Blog  today I'm going to review the dating and hookup app called wild which in my opinion should be called mild especially if you are a man looking to hook up with a woman while claims to have over 1 million users to message users and you most of their photos are free which is a good thing and different from most other hookup apps out there but number of messages users can send are unlimited users can select various categories in regards to what they are looking for on the app categories include hookup long-term people to chat with and casual dating if you only want to chat with people looking to hook up while provides filters so users can filter for specific traits and categories while it is pretty much a free app but if you want more than the standard features you'll have to pay extra for those features if someone likes your profile you'll have to pay in order to see their profile or chat with them too fewer users private photos you will also have to pay for a subscription upgrade cost approximately $19.99 for a one week subscription and approximately seventy $9.99 for a three month subscription is wild a scam no I didn't encounter any BOTS and a few women I actually chatted with were real unlike other hookup sites and apps where you get bombarded with messages from fake women trying to get you to upgrade to a paid subscription is well worth paying for a subscription in my opinion no not if your goal is to hook up with women in my experience the women who claim that they were looking to hook up weren't truly serious about hooking up as a test I like every woman in my locations profile who was in the hookup category even the ones I wasn't interested in it's been over seven months and I haven't hooked up with any and only two of them messaged me back betta chat now I'm not saying that it's impossible to hook up on wild because I'm sure some men have and some of you might have better luck than I have but speaking as a guy who has had great success hooking up on almost every other hook-up site in app this app is crap if you are a man looking to hook up with women tinder is a much better apt for hookups stay tuned for a future video where I will give tips on how I'm successful at hooking up on tinder if you are looking just to chat or date then Wilde is probably for you all over there aren't as many people actively using it as many of the more popular dating apps but if you are looking to hook up with women don't waste your time and money I hope you enjoyed watching this blog  if you did please click the link Escort Service in Faridabad   and Escort Service in Delhi  and I will post of my reviews and experiences as the black bull this is your boy Dee signing off play safe and stay naughty.

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