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Convection ovens work by transferring heat energy to the air inside the oven. That heat cooks whatever is inside the oven. However, the oven exterior has insulation upgrade material inside an aluminum or metal cabinet. It will be good to apply it in higher temperature, which can provide you the best outcome. Generally, the upper floor is one of the major sources of loosing heat, and the most convenient place to preserve it. This is also picked up on cavity walling and used it as a method to insulate their homes. When you have insulation for your house, it would retain heat in a better way and that is when you would have to run the heaters for a comparatively lesser time. Loose insulation is generally the cheaper one to install as compared to insulating.  Good insulation should be homogeneous. Indeed, if isolating only one part is effective, you increase the losses at the same time by the less isolated parts.

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