Looking for a Certified Vietnamese to English Translator? Here is Everything You Should Know

If you are looking to hire a Vietnamese to English translator, there are so many factors you need to put into consideration. The first and the most important one is finding out whether they are certified or not. Why? Because there is so much at stake here, and you cannot afford to take any chances working with an uncertified translator.

Think about all the types of content you must use to operate globally. These include but are not limited to

• Employee manuals

• Legal documents

• Compliance documentation

• Training manuals

• Signage

• Marketing materials

• Financial documentation

• Product labeling

• Safety materials

• Product User’s guide/instructions

• Warning materials

What would happen if any one of these contents undergoes a wrong translation? A user’s guide, for example, will mislead your customers and lead them to use the product in the wrong way. Consequently, the product will either fail to work or backfire and lead to an adverse reaction. In any case, your customers will get disappointed and might end up ditching you for your business rival.

If it’s a legal document, you might end up on the wrong side of the law attracting numerous lawsuits and hefty fines on your business. Worst case scenario, you might even lose your global business permit.

Luckily, you can hire professional Vietnamese translation services to avoid these and so much more.
In this article, you will discover everything about certified translators, and hiring them is essential to succeed in your business globally.

Quality Management

Quality management is the process of controlling all the activities within a business organization to ensure high standards in delivering both products and services. The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction through quality planning, assurance, control, and quality improvement of processes to ensure that businesses are consistent. Business global success relies upon their ability to implement effective quality management by hiring certified translators.

International Organization for Standardization ISO provides the international standards for quality management processes and procedures. It acts as more of a guide for organizations to verify or certify that they are on the right path with their implementation strategy. ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 17100:2015 are the two certifications associated with language translations. Always confirm the certification before hiring Vietnamese to English translators to guarantee the quality of services you get.

For Consistency

The certification process is a thorough and rigorous review. Owing to that fact, hiring certified Vietnamese to English translation services is a guarantee to expect accurate, flawless translations delivered on time and within your budget. That’s something you will never get working with an uncertified translator.

For Specialized Translation Services

Different areas have different terminologies or vocabularies that are unique only to them. These require specialized translations by the relevant experts depending on the specific industry or field. Medical translations for example, will need an expert medical translator to ensure accurate translations and effective communication.

And if it’s in the legal field, you will need a translator with the legal expertise to do your translations.

Certified translation service providers are committed to providing specialized services by employing translators with exceptional skills and a high level of expert knowledge in various fields. These employees are native language speakers and can deliver an expert localized translation in their relevant area of expertise. That is one advantage you won’t get working with a non-certified translator such as your bilingual employee, friend, or even relative.

Accuracy Guaranteed

One mistake that most people make is assuming that a little familiarity or bilingualism is enough to qualify as a translator. But that could not be further from the truth. That is only enough to get by and nothing more.

If you are looking to guarantee accuracy in your translation project, you will need to hire a more qualified translator. To provide precision, translators must

Have a deeper understanding of the two languages (Vietnamese and English) and their cultural differences

•  Be native speakers of the language of the intended translation for (English)

Have a comprehensive native understanding of the field in question

•    Have the necessary training to provide expert localized translations

Hiring a certified Vietnamese to English translation will ensure guaranteed accuracy meaning your audiences will receive the translated message as intended. That will have a positive impact on your project and the overall success of your global business venture.


For some reason, people find it easy to underestimate the power of hiring a professional towards the success of global businesses. Those who have been it long enough can confirm that the benefits of hiring one for your business are as many as the drawbacks of not doing so. Certified Vietnamese to English translators provide an integrated solution to your business to enhance your global success through their quality translations.

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