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local sin is an adult social network that uses GPS on my cell phone in order to help me find people who would like to have a good time local sin allows me to enjoy the few hours of spare time that I have in my busy schedule have you ever been short on time and wanted to meet someone without going to a sleazy bar I have with local sin I make the choices I choose the person the time and the place so I found a cute guy who was in town for a business trip we had an amazing evening here's how it happened I clicked on join now and then answered questions about my preferences so I can find who I'd like to meet once I validated my registration I logged in and clicked on my features tab there I found a map search with all kinds of filters a picture gallery blog and ranking you can rank people in places after that I clicked on the download button either for iPhone or Android I downloaded the application that matches my phone I opened the app on my phone and entered my login info the GPS magic started to work and then I saw my actual location I was so excited I could see the people and the businesses in my area and I could choose with whom and where I'd like to meet I can also use the app with just a touch screen phone just insert wwl Oh Coulson calm - my phone's browser and voila I have the app automatically without having to download or I can even just log into Facebook and use the app online and show my friends what I've been up to I logged in and then I saw Matt he was exactly what I was looking for I sent him a request for interaction Matt just finishes meetings for the day when he received my request he checked out my profile and we started to chat then I asked him to meet at a trendy bar that I found on the map only two blocks away I reserved a table for us and we met within the hour Matt was so sexy and funny and after a couple of drinks we made a night out of it with local sin I make the choices I picked the time the person and the play
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