LocalCoin LLC AIRDROP 30 LLC (Aprox. 25$) + 10 LLC per referrals

Un cierre de un reloj
    Step-by-Step Guide:
  1.         Chat with this Telegram bot                   
  2.         Join their Telegram Group and  Channel and click on “Refresh” from the bot. (+10 LLC)    
  3.         Follow them on Twitter. (+5 LLC)    
  4.         Retweet the pinned tweet. (+5 LLC)    
  5.         Follow them on Discord. (+10 LLC, Optional)   
  6.         Create a wallet and submit your username to the bot.    
  7.         You will get a total of 30 LLC coins (~ $25).    
  8.         Also get 10 LLC (~ $8) for every referral.    
  9.         Participate in their  Bounty campaign to earn more tokens.                                                                                                                                                                                 Don\'t forget follow us  to receive new airdrops!    

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one year ago
Congratulaciones ya obtuve las coin LLC cumpliendo todos los pasos
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one year ago
Muy bien, felicidades!
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