Let's Laugh Day March 19th

This is about a post for Let's Laugh Day on March 19th on GiftsNDays. The post has The Earth Laughs In Flowers art and t-shirts, laughter therapy videos, a Let's Laugh Day ecard and Let's Laugh Day messages.

Let's Laugh Day is celebrated on March 19th. Let's Laugh Day is a holiday about laughing. You could celebrate this holiday by laughing, looking at funny comics, jokes, websites or videos. Laughing is considered a therapeutic activity. If you laugh by saying ha ha ha that could induce laughter. That is a laughter therapy exercise. This holiday post has links to animated laughter videos, a Laughter Heals website, a Let's Laugh Day ecard, Let's Laugh Day messages, a The Earth Laughs In Flowers framed art print, Let's Laugh Day on holiday websites, a Global Belly Laugh Day website and a Pink Earth Laughs in Flowers Quote t-shirt on Zazzle. 


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