Learn the ways for How do i fix if Computer not booting to bios

Computer is one of the most important device in this digital era, but there are times when they face issues while working in the computer and often face problem of computer not booting to bios so in that case do not worry, there are certain solution which can be applied to solve the problem.

Follow all the below steps through which user can easily fix the computer not booting to bios is very simple and easy way.

  • Hardware issues- make user to check all the power cords of your computer and the device also ensure that both the ends are located on its place. In case if the cord has been damaged it is advised to immediately replace it.
  • User should also check the cable on each end of the video     signal cable and also check if the power button of monitor is     working fine or not. A computer will boot then a black screen will     appear on the device.
  • Software issues- User will have to check the BIOS settings in order to ensure that the computer is configured to boot from the optical drive. User also need to go through all the computer's documentation for the steps to open the BIOS setup screen and setting drive configuration options easily.
  • Check out all the prompts in the setup screens in order to     select the appropriate language, time, currency plus the input     method. When everything is complete, user need to click on the     “Next” button.
These were the following ways by which the issue can be resolved easily, if any other details or information is required on the computer not booting to bios , user can feel free to contact customer care service number, they will easily reach out to u tot get the problem solved without any hassle.

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