Learn some French °1; Frequently used words

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Salut !

So as many people know, French is such an elegant language and has a lot of rules when it comes to learning it, yet it is one of the easiest languages to know.

so... Allons-y! Let\\\'s go!

Bounjour - Hello
This means \\\"good day\\\". It can be used whenever throughout the day to greet someone. As \\\"good morning\\\" can notarially be translated in French, Bounjour can also be used in this way.

- Au revoir - Goodbye
Used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation.

- Bon/bone après-midi - Good afternoon
Used when parting when noon has passed

- Bonsoir - Good evening
Used to greet someone in the evening.

- Bonne Soirée - Good evening
It is mostly used when parting int eh evening or when you are going to am evening party, restaurant, etc..

- Bonne nuit- Good night
It is used when you are wishing someone to sleep well.


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You should put these in a board as a French Lesson so we can keep up with it!
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Thats a great idea, def will do 
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Great, will be the first subscriber!
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Thanks <3 
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