Laundry Balls: An Eco-Friendly Approach

A realization: Most activities done by you have substantial environmental effects! Therefore, working with greener approaches or alternatives is a great option to start a new and healthier lifestyle.

Let’s start the eco-friendly lifestyle by switching from laundry detergents to laundry balls. These laundry balls are rightly said as washer fairy balls due to their magical-like features. They help eliminate the problems raised due to the use of laundry detergents while working perfectly at the same time.

Using laundry balls is also easier than using laundry detergents. You do not need to measure the quantity like detergents, just throw 1-2 laundry balls in a normal load of laundry and turn on the washer normally. These little fairy balls will clean your clothes like detergent but with no residue and any harmful effects. They are absolutely safe to use with all kinds of washing machines.

They are more economical as compared to laundry detergents as they can be reused for approximately 1000 loads, which is around 2-3 years. This means you do not need to buy these washer fairy balls for 2-3 years, unlike laundry detergents that are needed to be bought every month or two. You can even recharge them after a month or two by keeping them in sunlight, to improve their durability.

Washer laundry balls are even more convenient than detergents. They weigh less and do not spill or drip like liquid or powder detergents. Switching them will take the load off your hands from taking the heavy detergent jugs home from stores.

Another advantage of laundry balls come as they are healthier (not even being a food). Laundry washer balls are safe for people with sensitive skin or any other health issue as they do not contain any chemicals or artificial fragrance or dyes or additives. Due to no chemicals or additives, they are also safe to use for your little ones as well.

Now comes the most important factor to consider, which is the Environment. These washer fairy balls are absolutely environment friendly due to their non-usage of any additives or toxic chemicals. Clothes washed with laundry balls use less water as there is no residue like detergents that need to be removed from the clothes. This is why they save more water and thus, energy as well. Also, as there is no residue, there is no water pollution, unlike laundry detergents.

To wrap-it-up, it would be ‘safe’ to say that these laundry balls, also known as washer fairy balls, are economical, easy-to-use, long-lasting, skin-friendly, and most importantly eco-friendly. They have all the benefits that laundry detergents do not offer. Hence, when you want to change your laundry experience to a greener laundry experience, switching to laundry balls will be a good start.

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