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The world is dealing with a pandemic right now, this has raised the demand for a multi-service on-demand application. We are living in the era of digitalization, where mobile phone apps have become a necessity and part of human daily needs. From grocery to medicine everything that is available in the market that can be easily delivered at the doorsteps with mobile apps. Offering multi-services is a dream of many individuals and entrepreneurs. But to do that they need a successful blueprint. Blueprint is a success path, and a success path for multi-service business is Gojek clone. Gojek Clone app is a perfect solution for startups willing to offer quick and easily accessible multi-services. Being the replica of the original application, it has all the major functionality of the original app, Moreover, it can get customized as per the needs and wants of customers and startups. It is recommended to choose a mobile app company that has successfully delivered more than 1000+ projects.

Features of Gojek Clone App

We as users, know only one application. But to run the operation smoothly, 2 apps work to make a business successful. These 2 Apps are User App, Service Provider App.

User App Features:

Easy Login: Login via social media accounts. Your app should let users easily log in to your application.

Access Multi-services: As you can offer around more than 52+ Services with gojek clone script, make sure these services are easily accessible via a smart application.

Review: To know weak points and work on them.

Driver App Features:

Registration: Easy registrations by entering name, address, phone number, etc.

Easy Uploading: After login easy uploading of data like, Licence Details, Cars Registration Details, Insurance Detail, etc.

Manage Request: Choose a script that is bug-free and that lets the service provider easily manage all service requests.

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