Launch your ecommerce business with the best Groupon clone script

Want to enter the growing ecommerce industry? Wish to be a successful brand? If yes, then you have to build the right ecommerce app solution for your business. When you take a look at the present pandemic situation, stepping out of homes and buying essential needs have become terrifying. To avoid getting infected by the virus, users are ready to adopt any solutions that will help them stay safe at home. This will be the perfect time to customize and launch a daily deals clone script for your business with the essential features specified below:

Social media sign in:

Allow your ecommerce app users to log in to the app using their social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn, etc. 

Search filters:

Include multiple search filters in your app to help your users find the right product quickly. 

Reviews and ratings:

Make sure your users are able to rate every product they buy and provide the necessary reviews or suggestions. This will help other users make informed decisions. 


Add the wishlist feature to your app to make sure users are able to wishlist products or items or their choice and buy them later. 

New arrivals:

Users should always be updated about the newly added products or items. You can send them updates about your products via push notifications from time to time. 

Product page:

Ensure that the product page has all the required details and does not take too much time to load. This will attract more users to your service. 


Make sure you integrate these essential features into your app and make it live on multiple major platforms. Purchase the best Groupon clone script in the market, customize it, and launch it in the market in a few days. 

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