LabelTasks 1.3 - Shelf Talker Management software for Wholesalers

  • Professional shelf edge labelling 
  • No back office stock management system required
  • Excel data integration
  • Annual support( Includes back office system integration where possible)
  • Any currency configuration (US$, GB£, EUR€ etc.)
  • Works with Windows device * & any Windows compatible printer
  • Range of label styles and templates available
  • Includes RRP, VAT and Promotional Offer information.
  • Free 15 use trial period of Label Tasks 1.3
  • Support for all MS-Windows environments, including mobile devices * :
  • Windows Server, XP, Vista, *Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10

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Shelf label management and printing software for retailers. Requires Windows 7 or better and standard desktop printer as a minimum

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