Keys to Writing Successful Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

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Keys to Writing Successful Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

Here comes the day of wedding when your daughter will get married to some other guy who will take her away for the rest of the life. Quite emotional, so your speech should inject same emotions on the special day of her wedding. As a father, you will need to inspire as well as entertain the bride and groom and the audience at the same time. Therefore, before the special day arrive; prepare yourself to write a stimulating father of the bride speech.

Today take you some advice from. The following key points would definitely add value to your father of the bride wedding speech writing.

Key 1: Write a Rough Draft
Primarily, write a rough draft by putting what is in your mind and heart on the paper. Write what you want to tell to the groom, the bride and the audience. Don’t worry about how you are going to write it, just write until you are done with all your thoughts on a paper. All the grammar, spelling and other mistakes can be edited later on.

Key 2: Don’t Use Fancy Words
It’s not a good idea to use fancy words in father of the bride speech writing. Fancy words may look good to you, but may not impress the audience at large. And instead of great impact, it may finish with a bad impression on audience.

Key 3: Use Descriptive Devices
In order to draw attention of the audience, use of descriptive devices like figures and images would certainly a good idea to include while writing a father of the bride speech. This way you can make your speech more lively and understanding for the audience.

Key 4: Introduce Yourself in the Start
Give a brief introduction about yourself in the beginning of speech. Not everyone in the event would know you. Hence, don’t forget to include some lines about you in the start.

Key 5: Do Some Story Telling
It is a proven fact that good story tellers are good public speakers. For grabbing the audience attention till end of the speech, write speech in form of story. You can tell how bride and groom met and how they changed for the better when they would become together.

Key 6: Keep it Simple and Short

Neither you nor your audience would have a time to listen you for hours. Furthermore, not everybody in the audience would be a philosopher to understand difficult connotations. So keep your speech writing short and simple, and use simple English and short sentences to make father of the bride wedding speech audience friendly.

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