Keratin and treatment for damaged hair

Our hair is prone to breakage, get damaged, develop split ends, and frizz because it is exposed to such unfavorable external weather conditions. Keratin is a protein compound that is used to not only straighten your hair, remove frizz and unruly curls, but also give the hair a shiny, and nourished look. 

Keratin today is used optimally in the treatment of damaged hair. You also get many hair care products that contain Keratin which is recommended by many hairstylists and hair salons to keep your hair looking good and impressive. 

Keratin and damaged hair treatment

Before we find out how and why Keratin has become such a popular term in the hair care industry, we must know what Keratin is. It is a protein compound that is naturally present in our hair and nails. Today, synthetically made Keratin is used to help straighten the hair, remove frizz, and add shine to the hair. When you go out in the market to look for a Keratin product, for example, a shampoo for Keratin Treated hair, you will find that there are brands that use chemicals which are quite different structurally from the original Keratin, and there are brands that use structurally-similar naturally-derived Keratin that is exactly similar to natural Keratin. Needless to say, it is the latter that is effective and promises to produce the best results for your tresses.

The brands that use a chemical form of the Keratin use formaldehyde to lock the hair strands to give it a straight look – this can be dangerous. Thus, when you decide to go in for Keratin treatment for damaged hair, make sure that you choose a product that contains compounds that resemble the natural Keratin so that the genetic makeup of the hair is not changed when the product is used on your hair.

It is not only important to focus on the Keratin product that is being used, but also make sure that the hair salon has experience and expertise in the domain of hair straightening. Remember to follow the advice of the salon – they will often advise the use of shampoo for Keratin treated hair.

Your hairstylist will also advise the use of Argan Oil. Extracted from the kernel of Argan Tree, the oil is rich in Vitamin E that is important for your hair and skin. There are manifold benefits of the oil. The antioxidants present in the oil help in preventing damage to your hair from free radicals and the fatty acids in the oil help in keeping your hair nourished effectively. 


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