Italy will sell houses, mayor says he hopes to attract more investors to come

According to Italian media reports, recently, the city of Salemi in Sicily, Italy, plans to sell more than 30 houses. It is estimated that the price of each house is only equivalent to the price of a hamburger, that is, 1 euro,  on the condition that houses are sold. Buyers need to make complete repairs to the house.

The mayor of Salemi said that he hopes to attract more real estate investors to come, whether companies or individuals, can apply for purchase. Those who are willing to buy can browse the photos and property location on the government website, then fill in the application form online, and submit a house restoration plan detailing how to carry out house renovation, whether the house purchased is for commercial use, whether it can stimulate the local economy, etc. , The local government will screen buyers through these audit criteria. If the house is converted into a homestay or shop, the buyer will also receive additional tax credits.

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