Is it wrong to just want to Hook Up?

so in this BLOG we're going to talk about whether it's wrong to hook up or not I'm gonna tell you it's really simple do you believe it's wrong to hook up do you have belief systems that you don't want to break are you a devout Christian or a very religious person any feel it is wrong to hook up in that case it probably is because you wouldn't be happy if you did but if you don't believe it's wrong to hook up and you want to go out and explore you want to go out have some fun maybe you've never have in your life and you're using these teachings to learn how to meet women then go out and date go out and explore we do have one rule though be honest you see honesty is an aphrodisiac the empyrion said that years ago and it is so true the more honest you are the more attractive you are as a man because it shows your confidence it shows your ability to stand true in what you believe and not break integrity the more honest you are the more attractive you are the more confident you seem the more real you seem the less trouble and problems you get into in the future for a lot of guys that are just learning this stuff for the first time if you're really going out and applying it learning it working with it you might be dating seriously dating for the first time in your life and so I encourage you to date and explore date a lot of different women meet different women and if you want to hook up hook up use protection be careful be honest be in integrity and explore really figure out what you want before you get into a relationship because if you have that urge to hook up yet you're on the fence because you went into a relationship when you should know because you felt guilty but you really wanted to do it then is that fair to the woman you're in a relationship with are you gonna be looking at every girl that walks by all the time are you going to be wanting to meet all these different girls behind her back that's not right so we really work that out and figure out what you want and then bring your full self to the relationship and at that point you'll really be of value to the woman you're gonna be with now there's plenty of women out there that want to hook up to there's plenty of women in this phase of their life where they're just partying they're just exploring maybe they're fresh out of a relationship and they want to explore maybe they're young younger and they want to explore maybe in their early 20s maybe they just got divorced and they want to explore for a little bit those are the women you'll end up meeting they're out there I always say you'll end up matching with the women that you're in alignment with if you are honest and trust me those women are out there now on the other side if you don't date a lot and you don't have to hook up you can still date a lot not hook up that's fine too but just date if you've never dated in your life date because it's very important you go out and meet a lot of different personalities I have one client he wouldn't date every time he tried to set up on a date he would turn the girl down he would say now I pictured what she was like in ten years from now and she's not what I want every girl was a potential for a marriage for him which is fine but then he wouldn't even go out on a date with them if he didn't see that potential from the moment he met them and that was a real problem because this guy never had any experience with women I told him that one day you're gonna meet a girl that you think is amazing and you're gonna call me and you're gonna say what do I do because you have no dating experience and honestly you're not gonna be prepared for it and you will lose her and that's exactly what happened because he refused to practice he refused to get comfortable with women he refused to put practice connecting with women looking them in the eye holding their hand just exploring possibilities he met that woman that was amazing I got that phone call and a week later it was over and that's when he woke up to the idea that you can't just wait and hope someday it'll all fall together get out there and put yourself in the middle of it learn grow and some of these women that you'll meet that you'll either date or hook up with or whatever it is they're gonna be some of the most memorable amazing experiences of your life even if you don't end up together forever you'll straight life lessons you'll trade stories you'll trade bone or ability you'll grow together and it's not all just about sex or practice for dating for the future it's about connecting with other human beings someone encouraged you to go out and date a lot or hook up if that's what you really want to do and just be honest get out there and have life experience take some risk be a man push some boundaries practice your vulnerability and live a life have fun as we always say remember only the confident really live and we really mean that and that applies especially to this BLOG so what I'd love to do is have you comment below I want to hear what you have to say about it I want to see your comments and your questions and all that kind of stuff and click Escort Service in aerocity and Escort Service in Delhi if you haven't subscribed and I'll see you in the next BLOG .

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