Is it necessary to get TV Breakdown Cover?

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Accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. Where your TV is concerned, do remember that even the latest television set is not completely safe from accidental damage. Accidents are incidents that are unintentional and non-deliberate. While electrical damages are covered by many home and appliance insurance schemes, accidental coverage is far and few.
If you wish to have an uninterrupted TV watching experience and never miss out on your favourite shows, make sure to have your TV insured. Do not just go for any type of TV insurance, on the contrary, make doubly sure that you subscribe to a TV Breakdown Cover scheme from an established appliance insurance provider.
Why do I need a television insurance cover?
TVs these days are expensive items. They are smart and made with advanced technology which is why the price is also high. To safeguard the high-tech device and also to ensure that your investment does not go to waste, you must choose to go in for insurance of your TV set, the moment the manufacturer warranty gets over.
  • The TV is covered for electrical, mechanical and accidental damages.
  • The insurance company is responsible for sending trained technicians to inspect the damage and have it repaired.
  • There are credible insurance companies that promise to replace the entire set or the part, whichever is applicable if the technicians are unable to repair the set.
  • Most credible insurance companies have round the clock operations and schedule a technician appointment almost immediately. Thus, there are no delays and wastage of time.
  • The labour cost plus the repair costs are taken care of by the insurance provider.
  • The insurance scheme is a good way to keep you safe from any unexpected financial burden in case your TV stops functioning suddenly or gets damaged in an accident.
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