Is Deno The New Node.Js? Or Is It Just A Nice Alternative?

Node.js is one of the most sought-after backend technologies. Node.js was released on May 27th, 2009. It is a  Javascript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 engine. Node.js is widely accepted by developers due to its performance-friendly features. It is being used by renowned companies like PayPal. eBay, Netflix, Walmart, Uber, LinkedIn, and many more. Web application development company can help you get such apps. Let us start with an introduction

What  Is Deno? 

According to officials, “ Deno is a simple modern secure runtime for  JavaScript and Typescript that uses V8 and is built in Rust”. This technology was developed two years back in 2018 by Ryan Dahl. Deno pays attention to aspects like ease of use and security. Security has become a top-notch concern in today’s internet-dependent era. Well, just to mention the word ‘Deno’ is actually an anagram for ‘ Node’. Creator Ryan Dahl himself in a video said “Ten regrets he had after creating Node.js” and introduced a new project, Deno. He himself pointed out the drawbacks of Node and to cover it up introduced its sibling Deno. Well, let us know in detail about both the runtime environment and then analyze. Recently in May 2020, he launched Deno1.0.

Key  Features  Of Deno

Security: Deno is based on Rust programming language. Rust ensures better security and takes the permission of the user before accessing files and networks. The language performs similarly to C++ and is additionally good with memory security.

ES Modules: Deno uses ES modules and does not support require(). Node.js supports require() module syntax. This module is compatible with any browser. Deno downloads all the modules at once and then caches them. After that, it will not load it until you give Deno app the command to do so. You can use the ‘reload flag’ to command Deno. Web application development company can help you with developing web apps.

Amazing Speed: Deno executes typescript but it actually uses a V8 engine. Being a developer you do not need to further install and configure TypeScript Compiler or TSC to run Deno. So, irrespective of executing TypeScript Deno offers great speed.

Decentralized: Package In Deno, if you want to have any third-party package you need not install the entire package. You can just prioritise what you need from the URL. Once the URL is loaded, the package will be cached to the hard drive. It does not update it automatically.

Browser Compatibility: Due to the ES module, Deno does not need any other tool to make the app compatible with the browser. The modules are independent of external dependencies. You can connect to a mobile application development company to develop an app.

Top  Features  Of Node.js

Lightning Speed: Node.js has lightning speed due to majorly three reasons. These are an event-based model, asynchronous running, V8 engine, non-blocking input/output. This is why Node.js is great for instant messaging, online gaming, video calls, video streaming, and so on. In Node.js requests are quickly responded to without waiting for the result of the previous one. It has the potential to handle lots of requests at a time and reply promptly. Mobile application development company is actively using this runtime environment.

Community Support: Node.js has huge community support. Some renowned companies like IBM, SAP, Microsoft strengthens Node.js. Companies like Netflix, PayPal using Node.js have noticed a decrease in development cost and response time.

Important  Differences  Between Deno And Node.js

Language Node.js is built on a V8 engine which is written in C++. Deno is also built on V8 but instead of C++, it is based on rust. The V8 engine was originally developed for Google chrome to give quick responses. Now, it is also supported by Microsoft Edge. In Node.js, developers used to code in Javascript. Developers wishing to use Deno will be coding in TypeScript. You can take the help of iPhone app development services to develop web apps.

Security As we know Deno is based on Rust. Rust assures better security and fewer errors. It will take time to know how the market is going to turn on the basis of these changes. Node.js application could easily access the network and file system of a person using the app. Deno will first take permission from the person running the app. For example, if you want to record audio, then in Deno you have to take the consent of the user but in Node this feature is absent.

Syntax Deno uses ES module standard syntax and Node.js uses require () syntax. Require() automatically reloads cached modules but you need to give the command to the Deno module to load the cached item. iPhone app development service has been helping businesses in developing great apps.

Dependency Package Management In Node.js developers uses the Node Package Manager or NPM package. NPM goes for a centralized approach. This means if you want to install any package through NPM, then all dependencies related to the package will also be installed. This makes the module a lot bigger. But on the other hand, Deno follows a decentralized approach which means you can install the particular third-party package you wish without installing the whole package. You just need to import it from the URL and it will get loaded into the hard drive.

Will Deno Replace Node.js?

Since the creator of Node.js and Deno is the same so we can expect lots of similarities but there are important differences as well. Node.js is well-established and has huge community support. Node.js executes javascript whereas Deno executes Typescript. Ryan Dahl himself said Node.js is not going anywhere it is here to stay. Node.js is a widely-used programming language with strong community support. To start the project you can take the help of an Android app development company. Deno is yet in its evolving phase. It has only got its first version, a lot is left to roll out.

Wrapping  Up

Here, we have thrown light on Node.js and its sibling Deno. Deno is new but a strong platform. It fits well in covering up the loopholes of Node.js. But, developers are fine with Node.js and its features. Node.js is well tested and tried in a runtime environment by many top giants. It is great to continue the project with Node.js. Let us see what is in store for Deno in the upcoming days. Deno is a great programming language and will hopefully have a bright prospect. If you are thinking of starting a new project you can contact the Android app development company.

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