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FeelIran is the name of the largest Iranian Famtrip. This two-week program is the cultivation of a whole year’s attempts by Hoda Rostami’s team, she herself is one of Iran’s influences in the field of tourism. She has been invited to such events in other countries in previous years and is familiar with such events and has learned many lessons from their standards, and now has brought those standards to Iran so that she would be able to hold a similar event in Iran with the help of her young team and the private sector. In the following parts we will introduce this revolutionary event in the field of tourism in Iran.

Famtrip is a kind of familiarization trip in which those who are active in the field of tourism travel to the tourist destination themselves and gain a firsthand experience of the place and use this experience to offer a better one to audiences and their customers.

FeelIran is an Iranian Famtrip based on the ability of social networks’ influencers that attempts to offer a real picture of Iran’s tourist capacities to its audience.

The team that is holding this event is comprised of a group of young Iranians, and at the core of this group are Kimia Khosravi and Hoda Rostami, two female Iranian tourists. The RoStudio team, which is in fact the creative studio of Hoda Rostami, has been able to pay for some of the needed capital for this event by preparing some other events and selling their travel office, and also the audience of this type of projects and those who are interested have also helped and participated so that this Iranian Famtrip could turn into reality.

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