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Good day to everyone. FirstlY I will like to send my warm greetings to everyone on this wonderful platform. My names are Michael Owolabi Adetunji (P.K.A) picapolo. I hail from oyo state ibadan north-west Nigeria,known to be the giant of Africa. I am occupying the post of the first child of my mother due to the loss of two of my eldest siblings. Am a product of a single mother. Anyone that knows what it takes to be a single parent will actually understand what i meant by that. Currently am studying Biology education in one of the best higher institutions in Nigeria (Adeyemi college of education Ondo, ondo state Nigeria ). I do weekend jobs like waiter in catering services and also cooling services to at least keep me on track. But trust me,its not an easy task. I have to work from 7:00Am to 7:00Pm for a token that does worth my efforts
Am a final year student,but life hasn't been smiling at my journey ever since am in this world. I had to struggle to make ends meet amd to pay for my institution's fees. Ever since my mum picked to journey with another man and have more children. But never the less,i am now been looked up to by my younger siblings for survival. What can i do?, since i've decided not to go into cyber fraud. I can't because my conscience will nevwr allow me to,and besides i hate to take things from another man which belongs to him or her by force. I count that acy as robbery. I came to know about this platform while making some researches online. I felt this to be the best way to make life easier for me and also to associate with more individuals from all over the universe. I've been the subject of wretchedness for the past years. But now,with me joining this community full of God sent philanthropists am going to be smiling everyday. At first, am always afraid of what the future holds for me. But with this community, i sensed am not going to be bothered by whatever the future holds for me anylonger
I knew that one day if not today,the table will roll for my sake. In whatever i do,i do see God first. So likewise i see God taking this social media to the apex of the world.
I believe this social platform is a place where i can learn from all hivers and also express my self. So am looking forward to gaining experiences from everyone.

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Am Michael adetunji by name. I am a finalist in the best college of education in Nigeria , studying Biology education. A lecturer in making. I love photography

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