Information about Coronavirus coin (NCOV)

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The total supply of CoronaCoins (NCOV) was 7,604,953,650, approximately the number of people that were in the world at the time NCOV was minted.
Every 48 hours, NCOV are burned according to the amount of infections and deaths from the Coronavirus.

NCOV supply will decrease as the Coronavirus spreads, which should cause the value of NCOV to rise, especially if the Coronavirus truly becomes a pandemic, and most of the world is infected.

NCOV is an ERC-20 token and uses the Ethereum blockchain.
NCOV coin burns every 48 hours are an immutable record of the spread of the Coronavirus through time.

If a totalitarian government is trying to cover up the severity of the Coronavirus, NCOV blockchain is a place where anyone in the world can look in order to see the truth.

The developers are donating 20% of the total supply of NCOV to the Red Cross, and as the Coronavirus gets worse, the value of this donation should theoretically increase.


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