Industrial Paint Booth Market Predicted to Witness Highest Revenues by 2020-2030

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The global industrial paint booths market is projected to expand sluggishly with a 2.6% CAGR between 2020 and 2030. The Fact.MR report states that, health risks to consumers and workers have forced industrial paint booth manufacturers to suspend or reduce operations. The inability to carry out remote operations negatively impacts market developments as new manufacturing orders and investments dry up.
"Industrial paint booth manufacturers are integrating novel technologies in their offerings to improve functionalities of prediction, and tracking painting processes. These changes aid manufacturers to push ahead of the competition supporting revenue streams once the contagion is brought under control," says the FACT.MR report.
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Industrial Paint Booth Market- Key Takeaways
  • Downdraft paint booths are highly sought after owing to superior performance and customization capabilities.
  • Automotive painting applications contribute to market revenue, supported by demand for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • North America is a major industrial paint booth market, owing to demand from car modifiers and auto OEMs. Chinese industrial applications are propelling the Asia Pacific market.
Industrial Paint Booth Market- Driving Factors
  • Growing importance of aesthetics and protective coatings in industrial applications drive market growth.
  • Wide range of painting tools and high scope for customization increases sales and adoption.
  • Research and development of new paint and coating types is increasing the demand for specialized industrial paint booths.
Industrial Paint Booth Market- Major Restraints
  • High installation and maintenance costs of industrial paint booths hold back adoption.
  • Limited automation tech and lack of trained personnel hurt market opportunities.
COVID-19 Impact on Industrial Paint Booths Market
Many industrial manufacturing and finishing operations around the world are expected to be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, both in terms of operations, as well as finance. The declining prices of oil, disruptions in supply chains, reduced spending, and shortage of cash flow are key factors that will hurt the industrial paint booth market. Market recovery is likely to be steady by 2021 as restrictions are removed.
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Competitive Landscape
The industrial paint booths market players are investing product development and customization in offerings to sustain sales. For instance, Global Finishing Solutions has introduced an exhaust filter for paint booths in collision repair applications. Eisenmann SE, Accudraft, Epcon Industrial Systems, Global Finishing Solutions, Airblast Eurospray, and Standard Tools and Equipment are some of the top industrial paint booth manufacturers in the global market.
About the Report
This study offers readers a comprehensive market forecast of the industrial paint booths market. Global, regional and country-level analysis of the top industry trends impacting the industrial paint booths market is covered in this FACT.MR study. The report offers insights on the industrial paint booths market on the basis of product (cross draft paint booth, semi downdraft paint booth, side draft paint booth, downdraft paint booth, open face paint booth, and bench paint booth), and end use (automotive, industrial, aerospace, construction, agriculture, and others) across six regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, and MEA).
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