Increase MOZ DA pt 2

To be Taken Q.O.D (every other day) x 3 Sessions

SERP Infection – 530 Insanely powerful links

See Full Article Here

524 More redirects! 

Find and Replace: “” (minus the quotation marks ) with your own URL
Share these in 8 segmanets as separate “calendars” on
When “sharing a calendar” use one of these webcal URLs (copy and paste):
webcal //
webcal // schedule.ics
webcal // release/bls.ics
or nay others you find online.

Take note of the date. 

If todays date ends in an dd number, this will be your odd day regimen for the next few odd days. Likewise, if today happens to be an even numbered date.

See Full Article For List Of URLs Here

Copy the resulting URL’s  of the “shared calendars ” on icalshare and paste them in a separate excel/notead file, along with the three you created earlier.

Now To Ensure Our Work Counts:

Register With These 2 Amazingly Powerful Bookmarking Sites For Rapid Indexation and Crawling:


Take the 8 icalshare calendar share links and the 3 urls you shared your links via comment on in thew beginning of this post (11 links).
Share them, one link at a time, on each of those two bookmarking sites. (22 total posts)
These particular social bookmarking sites are rare in that they are actually trusted and will have a positive affect on SEO – for that reason it is also safe to also post a link to your money site from each of these sites.
I normally would not at all reacommend that of most bookmarking sites or non-niche directories. This is quite the rare exception.
You can also bookmark the icalshare links you created yesterday on these sites at this time.
So in conclusion, what we have achieved here is simple yet profound: We have managed to guide Google, Moz , Ahrefs and Majestic’s crawlers through an intuitive “reverse pyramid” using a basic understanding of how they find, crawl and index sites.
To break it down, let’s start where any reverse pyramyd shoud start: at the last links we built to cap it off:
4marks and mamby: 2 sites that all of the above crawl very regularly, several times throughout the day often times, and would be very likely to find and index rater quickly as well.f Being “do-follow” links, the bots will also follow any links found on these sites and crawl those pages as well.
This brings the crawler bots to the “icalshare” calendars and blog comments.
Within those icalshare links, they will find all 524 redirect links, broken down into 11 very digestible (under 100 outbound inks per post) chunks – by design – to increase indexation and avoid a spam tr trigger.
Keep this post bookmarked, you will be repeating it again 2 more times starting day after tomorrow.
Repeat this post’s instructions at least 2 more times every OTHER day and check in tomorrow for the other half of your regimen.


Either manually or with the use of an automatic scheduling software, tweet out 2 each (total) of the social bookmarks created on Mamby and 4mark, spread out ovewr the next wek or so. Do not always do them in the same predictable pattern (ie don’t aways go mamby 4mark mamby 4mark or mamby mamby 4mark 4 mark, etc.) ramndomize the order in which you typically use this tactic.
This will assure indexation. Without indexation, you cannot be fournd! If they cannot be ound, they cannot be crawled. If they cannot be crawled, they cannot pass authority to your site, rendering the above activity entirely moot.
Rest up! Tomorrow’s another busy day!

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