In The E-commerce Revolution, Digital Products Prove Lucrative

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With the rise of ecommerce platforms and digital business, there are products being created  and sold that didn't even exist a few years ago.
A new group of products have emerged that can't ever be sold out, they don't take up space in stores, they don't need to be shipped anywhere, and they don't even need to be manufactured. In most cases, the profit margin on these products is 100%, and they can be created by anybody. Many who do create and sell these products are quickly becoming rich as demand for these products continues to grow.
Do you know what kind of products we're just described?
I'm talking about digital goods and downloadable products. The reason why there is a 100% profit margin on digital products in most cases is because they can be created at no cost. Since downloadable products have no physical form, those that sell them do not have to pay shipping costs either.
The digital goods market is proving to be very lucrative, and it's still in its infancy. If this is a trend that you would like to take advantage of, consider checking out some of the platforms that are listed below.

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Digital Product Markets

CG Trader

Online marketplace where you can sell 3D models and earn up to an 80% commission.


On this platform you can sell your premium PHP scripts, app templates, themes and plugins.

Creative Market

Creative Market allows you to open your own online store for free where you can sell any types of creative assets such as photos, graphics, templates, web themes, fonts, add ons, 3D assets and any other type of creative asset.


Eezy is an online creative community where digital artists can sell their creative resources. This includes icons, vector illustrations, stock footage and photoshop brushes.


This is a platform by Freelancer where you can sell all kinds of digital downloads including photos, sound loops & effects, web design templates, videos, flash products, scripts, graphics & web elements, and 3D models.
Buy Stock Flash | Buy and Sell Royalty-Free Flash effects music and video files


Sell your music and ebooks worldwide.

Git Market

The only online marketplace where you can monetize your Git Repos.

My Fonts

This is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling fonts.


Payhip is the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships.

Sell Codes

Sell Codes is the online marketplace to buy and sell any type of codes including VBA scripts, Apps, PHP snippets, themes, plugins and even offer codes.


Sketchfab is an online store that sells 3D models. Creators can list their 3D models for sale, and Sketchfab even enables you to embed your product listings on your own website.


Closing Words

The world is changing rapidly as new products and more advanced technologies emerge every single day.
If you but knew it, there are more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs available now than ever before, and you have only to embrace these opportunities to prosper.
With the availability of platforms like the ones I mentioned above, along with resources like Microsoft Office, you have all the tools you need to create something amazing that will make you wealthy, or at least give you financial security.
Believe in yourself, be creative and get to work. There is a million dollar digital product idea lurking in your brain somewhere, you just need to find it.
Sit down with a pen and a notepad, and begin brainstorming. The lightbulb is bound to come on sooner or later, and when it does you must act and see your vision out to its completion.
If you know of any other platforms for selling digital goods that I did not mention, please name them in the comment section below.
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Thank you for reading!
This post may contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you.

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