In a healthy body healthy mind? The relationship of mind and body

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The expression “in a healthy body is a healthy mind” is far from a new concept. It implies that everything in us is interconnected. Whether we like it or not, our spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body work together.

If the body does not function properly, then the mind. If the soul is bad - then the body is bad. Every ailment affects not only the body as a whole and its functions, but also our feelings.

As you know, every cell in our body suffers or grows, receives life or dies, and this directly or indirectly affects our well-being. And vice versa - when a thought appears in our mind, our body follows the mind and makes the corresponding changes.

Importance of health

Too often, we take our health for granted, and only realize its importance when we become ill or become ill. To be happy means that we have both a healthy body and a healthy mind. They are closely interconnected with each other, and our emotions play a big role in determining the state of health.

How to find a healthy body

Our soul does not exist separately from the body (while the body is functioning), so we need to make sure that we care about our body, as well as about our soul. Just as the best software will not work properly in poor equipment, so the mind will not be successful in an unhealthy body.

Your vitality and energy level depend on how you relate to your body. Your body is influenced by:

the food you eat
the liquid you drink
and physical activity (what are you doing).
All this in turn affects the level of happiness that you have in life ... At the very least, having a healthy body is a prerequisite for a happy life.

Eat right

It is advisable to choose nutritional food for your body that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is very important to have whole grains, vegetables, legumes, chicken and fish in the diet.

Drinking clean water and healthy drinks such as natural juices and teas is important. It is recommended to refuse the use of artificially sweetened drinks: carbonated or caffeinated drinks.

Exercise regularly

It is important to provide your body with sufficient physical activity and find your favorite activities for this - those that are "right" for you. You can sign up for a gym in your area or you can walk, for example, in a park, or you can go to a dance class. It's nice to do physical activity with someone else so that you can motivate each other.

You can significantly increase your self-confidence due to regular exercise. Your self-esteem will be at a higher level after training. In addition, a trained body will help you cope with the many stresses in our fast-paced life.

By setting goals for the exercises and having the determination to achieve them, you train your mind with this, introducing new ways of thinking. If you want to have a healthy and toned body, this implies a certain level of discipline and concentrated effort. They are good qualities in many areas of your life, and will help in work and business.

You will have more confidence that you can achieve goals, advance in service and solve other life problems. Being in better physical shape means that you have the opportunity to do many things, even without much motivation from your mind.

It is widely recognized that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. Make sure that you take care of your body, get enough sleep at night, eat right, avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and also exercise. These are the basic steps for your well-being, the health of your mind and body.

The effect of emotions on our body

Each change in thoughts is transmitted to the physical body through the activity of the nervous system. This activity in nerve cells causes numerous electrical and chemical changes. The state of mind is the starting point for many physical reactions.

If the mind thinks of falling from a height, the body immediately prepares itself, showing external signs. Fear, anxiety, sadness, vivacity, fun, anger - all these emotions and impressions are reflected on the body and face of a person.

For example, when a calm state of mind is disturbed, our thinking becomes somewhat distorted. This is often due to a chemical imbalance in one particular part of the body or a general imbalance of the body as a whole.

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