Important Things to Look Out for Before Buying Your Laptop

Important Things to Look Out for Before Buying Your Laptop

The importance of laptops today can’t be overemphasized. As technology improves and laptops get cheaper, faster, and more portable, more people are switching over to them. There used to be a war about if smartphones would totally take over from laptops. Clearly, that hasn’t worked out so well.

So, if you have decided to buy one or obtain a better model, there are important features to look out for. These would determine how well you are going to love your purchase. Here are some of the most important features:

The Processor

This is the key piece that determines the speed and performance of a computer. A good processor translates into a fast, stable system that allows you to perform various tasks at the same time. This is important if your work involves a good level of multitasking.

Your choice will be greatly determined by what you want to use the laptop for. The Intel Core 2 Duo or the AMD Athlon Neo X2 may work find for the average user. However, you would need something more advanced like a core 5 or 7 processor if you are an advanced professional designer.


Each computer has a random access memory (known as RAM), which is where the processor receives the instructions and saves the results. The capacity of RAM memory facilitates faster access to various files at the same time, which will be much better.

A 2Gb RAM might be fine for simple works like typesetting. More advanced projects would require bigger RAM. This could range from around 4Gb and beyond.

Hard Disk

The hard disk is the warehouse or information storage area. Therefore, the larger the size, the more capacity to gather data. You must take into account the type of files to be used; for example, videos or movies can use ample space, while work documents do not usually occupy a large volume. The market offers different space options; a good measure is 320 Gb. If you are a heavy user, it is advisable to use a 1 terabyte disk drive.

Graphic Card

You need to consider the type of graphic card present in your laptop before making the purchase. Video cards are particularly important if you deal with high graphics and motion applications. DO you play lot of heavy games? Then, the cards are really important.


You also have to consider the monitor. In general, the appropriate measurements for the screen of a notebook vary between 13 and 17 inches. There are other sizes, but do not forget that the larger the size of the screen, the larger it make the whole laptop. Other aspects to consider include brightness, color and sharpness.


Currently, many computers use lithium-ion batteries, which provide a longer lasting charge, longer life and do not raise the price of the equipment. However, no battery life is unlimited. Know how durable the battery is and how long it can last. Opt for a device whose battery lasts between 4 and 5 hours at least after each charge. Do not accept less.

A recommendation to maintain the charge is to reduce the resolution on the screen, lower the brightness and depth of color. Also, keep in mind that CD or DVD drives, wireless transmissions and audio consume a lot of power.

These are important features to look out for when buying your next laptop. They will help make your experience so much better and less stressful.

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