Importance of Body Language in Speech

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Body language is an important aspect when it comes to public speaking. When a speaker communicates with his audience, it’s not only limited to the “WORDS”, but it’s a combination of words, verbal delivery, and body language.

There is a widespread myth that the words, themselves, constitute only 7% of face-to-face spoken communication, with body language contributing 55% and vocal characteristics the other 38%. Nevertheless, body language is clearly important for effective public speaking.

It has been said that our actions are well determined by our own thoughts, and if that’s true, then, the opposite of this is also possible. To be specific, if you are a beginner in public speaking, then we are aware how stressful that can be while standing in front of an audience and being in the spotlight.
Body language is used to boost confidence and to focus public’s attention.

Your body language says a lot about you. Relax, loosen up and use hand gestures when appropriate. Don't try to keep your hands on a lectern, in your pockets or across your chest for the duration of your speech. Remember to breathe and be yourself!

You are good at writing an impressive speech or if not, you may buy speeches from any online platform. that not a big deal. But how to give speech effectively using your body language is so important. Learn the importance of body language, practice it and you are all set to be successful.

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