I Picture Me Shining

It's very important how we picture ourselves.Do you picture your self successful,strong,creative,beuatiful,fearless,and inspiring.Or do you picture youself,lazy,inconsistant,angry,afraid,worried,isolated,envious,and hateful.When we hear people say I dont do this and I dont do that.Thats how they picture themselves.When we see people shining and successful thats how they picture themselves.Before looking at those shining with envy.Picture yourself shining and succesful.No matter what situation you in,what people say about you.Its all about how you picture yourself.Make sure how you picture yourself benefits you.Make sure it feels good,and gives you peace and happiness.Picture yourself healthy,living,loving caring and peaceful.It will never matter how others picture you.Create your picture and create your life.Blessings Today.Have a Blessed Day.

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