I have a dream of a cinema at home, this time I will do it for you

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people are no longer satisfied with watching TV and computer screens, and going to the cinema is more troublesome, so home projectors have become a very good choice. There are many types of projectors on the market. How to choose? Today I will share two devices I recently discovered.

Dangbei F3 home projector
For the ultimate viewing experience, the hardware parameters of the projector must be excellent. I haven't paid attention to the projection equipment for a while, and I didn't expect that the current configuration is so powerful. Dangbei F3 uses Mstar938 flagship chip, Mstar Core Turbo true multi-core engine technology, supports a variety of mainstream 4K encoding formats, and with Samsung 4+64 memory combination, this configuration is sufficient for 4K ultra-definition video playback and 3D large-scale The image quality requirements of the game.

When it comes to projectors, focus and brightness are two topics that cannot be avoided. The dual TOF+CMOS camera algorithm is rare on projectors, and the combination on Dangbei F3 makes the focusing speed faster than ordinary projectors. More than ten times. Abnormal level of 2050ANSI lumens brightness, you should be able to watch movies clearly during the day, coupled with MEMC dynamic pin technology, 4K HDR10, this picture quality is cool to think about.

Another point I want to say is Dangbei OS. I once bought a Dangbei box, and the performance of Dangbei OS has made me very satisfied. With its beautiful and convenient interface, smooth response speed and massive resources, it is really comfortable to use.

Looking at this Dangbei F3 Double Eleven, there is a good discount, 4799 yuan can be obtained at the same time support 24 interest-free, still very fragrant.
Dangbei D3X home projector

Both of these products are relatively good products that I found when I was doing my homework on the projector. The Double Eleven discounts support 24-period interest-free, and the price is relatively reasonable, and you can get on the car.Return

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