Human Microbiome-based Products Market is projected to be worth USD 4 Billion by 2030?

Over the years, extensive R&D efforts have enabled microbiome-based therapy / diagnostic developers to make significant strides, in terms of progressing proprietary product candidates into the clinic


Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Human Microbiome Market, 2019-2030” report to its list of offerings

The report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the diverse capabilities of stakeholders engaged in this domain. In addition to other elements, the study includes:

A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of microbiome therapeutics, providing information on drug / therapy developer(s).

Elaborate profiles of key players (established after 2005) that are engaged in the development of microbiome therapeutics.

A detailed review of the current market landscape of microbiome diagnostic tests, brief profiles of popular diagnostic developers and indicative list of screening and profiling test kits.

A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of FMT therapies, a geographical clinical trial analysis and information on various stool banks.

A detailed business portfolio analysis based on an attractiveness and competitiveness (AC) framework.

An analysis of the varied microbiome-focused initiatives of big pharma players.

An analysis of the start-ups / small-sized players engaged in the development of microbiome therapeutics and diagnostics.

An assessment of the most commonly targeted therapeutic indications and details of microbiome-based drugs.

An analysis of the investments made at various stages of development in start-ups / small-sized companies.

An indicative list of contract manufacturers, in-house manufacturers and CROs that currently claim to have the necessary capabilities.

An assessment of the emerging role of big data highlighting efforts focused on the development and implementation of various algorithms / tools to analyze data generated from in the microbiome research.

An informative case study on the various other applications of microbiome products, such as agriculture, animal health, plant health, food products

  • A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below)

Type of Therapy (Tx)

Prescription Drug




Type of Molecule (Tx)

Small Molecules


Target Indication (Tx+Dx)

Acne Vulgaris

Atopic Dermatitis

Clostridium difficile Infection

Colorectal Cancer

Crohn’s Disease


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Lactose Intolerance

Lung Cancer

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)


Ulcerative colitis

Therapeutic Area (Tx+Dx)

Autoimmune Disorders

Dental Disorders

Digestive and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Dermatological Disorders

Infectious Disease

Metabolic Disorders



Key Geographical Regions (Tx+Dx)

North America


Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World

Key companies covered in the report
  • 4D Pharma
  • Armata Pharmaceuticals
  • Evelo Biosciences
  • Rebiotix (Acquired by Ferring Pharmaceuticals)
  • Seres Therapeutics
  • Vedanta Biosciences
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