Huami Amazfit Pop evaluation: a full-featured "cost-effective" watch

Although the current smart watches have many brands and models, they can be basically divided into two types: the first is an entry-level smart watch, which has a single function and similar to a smart bracelet, but it is better than a large screen and a better look and feel. And the price is cheap; the second type is the flagship smartwatch, which has comprehensive functions, high hardware standards, and supports health functions other than heart rate detection, but the price is slightly higher, basically around 124  or nearly 125 Euro.

So, is there a smart watch that is cheap and has some of the functions of a flagship smart watch? From the domestic smart wearable device brand: Huami Technology, recently launched a full-featured \"cost-effective\" smart watch: Huami Amazfit Pop. This smartwatch has comprehensive built-in functions and supports the \"blood oxygen saturation\" detection that is only available on flagship smartwatches. The price is only 45 (currently 44), so it\'s not too much to say that it is \"cost-effective\" ?
I won’t say much about the gossip. Let’s share the evaluation experience of Huami Amazfit Pop smartwatch in detail below.

1.43-inch high-definition screen, colorful and stylish design

The high-definition screen is one of the many highlights of Huami Amazfit Pop. The Huami Amazfit Pop is equipped with a 1.43-inch touch color screen with a resolution of 320*302 and a ppi of 305. The overall screen display effect is no less than that of some flagship watches. If you have requirements for the smartwatch screen display effect, Then I think Huami Amazfit Pop should satisfy you. In addition, the screen cover of Huami Amazfit Pop is not 2D glass, but uses a slightly curved 2.5D glass, and the glass cover also applies anti-fingerprint coating. Huami is very careful in these details. .

Although Huami Amazfit Pop is a new product that has just been launched, Huami has designed a variety of watch faces for Amazfit Pop in advance for download and replacement. However, Huami Amazfit Pop cannot download the dial in the watch, and needs to connect to a dedicated mobile phone APP. Download the new watch face in the APP.

From the overall appearance of Huami Amazfit Pop, it can be seen that the Amazfit Pop body does not use the conventional \"black and white\" color design of smart watches, but uses colorful colors. At the same time, the watch body is made of polycarbonate, and the strap is made of silicone rubber and supports quick release.

In addition, in addition to downloading the watch face in the APP, Huami Amazfit Pop can also customize the background of the watch face through the mobile APP to create your own \"personalized watch face\".

Some watch faces of Huami Amazfit Pop also support custom modules. When changing the dial like the picture above, if the dial supports a custom module, a setting icon will appear under the dial.

After clicking the icon, you can customize the modules in the watch face, for example: the heart rate module in the upper chart panel, you can change the display for air quality, ultraviolet rays, humidity, weather, steps, sunrise and sunset and other information.

The bottom of Huami Amazfit Pop is equipped with a self-developed BioTracker™ 2 PPG biological data sensor and magnetic charging contacts. By the way, Huami Amazfit Pop also has a 5ATM level of water resistance, and weighs only 31 grams (including the strap). It is also very comfortable to wear, and it will not bring \"weight-bearing\" to wear for a long time. As for battery life, the battery life of Huami Amazfit Pop in daily use mode is 9 days. Of course, the specific battery life is subject to personal actual use. This is for reference only.

Comprehensive built-in functions, proficient in life, health and sports

The built-in functions of Huami Amazfit Pop are also quite comprehensive, covering the three major categories of life, sports, and health. There is no obvious \"partial subject\" problem. For example, the watch has more sports functions but fewer health functions, which is \"partial subject\". .

After lighting up the screen of Huami Amazfit Pop, swipe down with your finger under the main dial interface to enter the control center of Huami Amazfit Pop, where you can quickly check the remaining power, connection status with the phone, and other information, and you can also quickly set it up The screen brightness of the watch, alarm clock, etc.

If you swipe up, you will enter the notification center of Huami Amazfit Pop. Here you can see some pushes from APP or SMS. What’s interesting is that if the mobile phone contact business card has a set pattern, the contact pattern can also be displayed correctly when Amazfit Pop receives an SMS message. For example, there is a \"little girl\" pattern behind the child in the picture above. Amazfit Pop can Normal display, but some smart watches like I experienced before will not display.

In addition, through the above real shot picture, you can see that the text of the SMS displayed by the Huami Amazfit Pop is clear and without blurring, which also confirms that the screen display effect of the Huami Amazfit Pop is good.

So, how to experience the many functions built in Huami Amazfit Pop? There are two ways. The first is to swipe left or right from the dial interface to switch the experience at any time among the functions of music (control mobile phone playback), card package, weather, PAI, heart rate, and activity goal. But this way can only experience some of the functions of Amazfit Pop, and you can enter the full function list of Amazfit Pop by pressing the button on the right side of the watch.

\"PAI Vitality Index\" is a health function in Huami Amazfit Pop. This function converts the health data recorded by Amazfit Pop such as heart rate data and activity duration into a numerical value through an algorithm. The higher the value, the better the health of the individual. If you do not exercise every day, then this value will not increase, quite a bit \"supervised exercise\" feeling.

In addition, although the PAI vitality index can be seen on the watch, more detailed information can be seen on the mobile app, and the mobile app also has exercise suggestions to increase the PAI value, such as: skipping rope for 7 minutes and maintaining a heart rate at 174 BPM The above can be increased.

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