How You Are Risking Lives By Not Installing Switches with Sockets

Switches and sockets are an essential part of any electrical wiring system. Be it offices or the houses, having switches and sockets are crucial. But, we've seen many electricians and even the house owners make one fatal mistake. The fatal error is, not installing switches and the sockets but just using live sockets without the controls is the most dangerous thing. 

If you are thinking of installing the electric sockets without switches, you should read this. In this post, we will share the detailed information on the dangers of installing the live sockets without any controlling mechanism or safety gear. With live socket, you are not only risking your family members' lives but also the people who are going to use the same. 

Why is it Not Good to Install Hot Sockets without Switches? 

There are many reasons as to why it is dangerous to install hot sockets without the switches. Here, we share the reasons and help you out to avoid any kind of disaster. 

#1 - Inconvenience 

Since you are using the live socket without the controlling switch, there is no option to disconnect the power. The socket will always have current flow through it. So, if you are using any electrical device and want to turn it OFF, you either have to use the device button or remove the socket's power cord. Most of the time, devices like the water heating immersion rods will not have the internal socket for cutting the electricity flow. In such cases, removing the power cord every time from the live socket is cumbersome and dangerous. So, it's better to install switches alongside the sockets. 

#2 - Electrocution 

Electrocution is the most significant risk that you are facing all the time. There is a particular risk while using electric devices. But with the smart safety options, we are pretty safe from the same. You will be at a higher risk of getting an electric shock if you don’t take precautions and take unsafe decisions like this. As the sockets are live and exposed, there will be constant current flow. So, if someone accidentally puts his finger or insert some cables for testing purposes, then there is a considerable risk of electrocution. Most electricians don't recommend installing a live socket without the switch due to this reason. 

Generally, people are unaware about electricity and the distribution system. But It is crucial to know this for the safety of people working and living around the place. In short, it's hazardous to install a power socket alone in the house or even in the commercial environment. All you have to do is buy a high-quality switch to accompany the socket and control the power flow. Never install the sockets without controlling switches first. 

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