How to Write Dissertation Methodology

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Methodology is one of the important part of your dissertation or thesis in which you discuss the methods of research you undertake. This section explains to your audience about what you did and how you did, allowing them to evaluate the validity and reliability of your complete research. The dissertation methodology should include:
  • Research type
  • Your collection and selection
  • Your analysis
  • Tools and materials used
  • Rationale for choosing the methods used
It should be noted that dissertation methodology should be written in past tense. To get online dissertation help Assignments Planet is here to help you with professional dissertation methodology writing. For online dissertation help our writers provide a step by step guide to write a complete dissertation methodology.

Step#1 Must Explain the methodological approach

Methodological approach explains the problems or questions you investigate, and the kind of data you need to answer that like
  • Quantitative Methods:  you can use for measuring, categorizing, ranking and identifying different patterns. It can be approached by Surveys.
  • Qualitative Methods: you can use for explaining, interpreting, contextualizing and for describing specific phenomenon or concepts.
  • Mixed Methods: it is best for in-depth exploration and numerical measurement combination.
According to your discipline and approach you use methods in your dissertation.

Step#2: Describe the methods of your data collection:

After methodological approach, give full details of the methods you will use to conduct the research. Outline your tools, materials, procedures and criteria you will use to gather data

Quantitative Methods


Describe when, where and how your survey was conducted. For surveys you can include full questionnaire appendix to give your reader complete information about the exact data collected.


Give overall complete details of the techniques, procedures and the tools used to conduct the whole experiment. In this research, it is important to give enough information to another researcher for reproducing your results.

Existing data

Must explain the procedure of how you selected and gathered different publications or archival data for your analysis.

Qualitative Methods

 Interviews or focus groups

Include the details of when, where and how you conducted interviews like
  • How did find different participants and how did you select them?
  • The number of people who took part
  • In what form you conducted interviews like (structured, unstructured or semi-structured)?
  • How lone were the interviews conducted and how were all recorded?
Prticipant observation

Here you can add different groups or community you observed and your gain to access them. You may include the time spent for conducting your research and its location.

Existing data

Acknowledge your readers of your selection of different case study materials anything image or texts to take their attention on your analysis.

Step#3 Include the methods of analysis

In this step you have to add your data analysis. Do not include too much detail because at this stage you do not have to explain any of your results it will be discuss in details in results and analysis section.

Step#4: Evaluation and Justification of Methodological Choices

Make inclusion of your justification with the choice of methods you used in your research process. Discuss why the other methods you did not choose for your objectives for better understanding. You may also include the limitation and weakness with justification in the approach you chose.

Tips for Writing Dissertation Methodology:

Apart from the above steps discussed here are few tips by online dissertation help to write your dissertation methodology well and perfect.

First of all remember that dissertation methodology does not mean at all to discuss your methods but you have to add how, why, where and when t you applied them to rigorously conduct your research.

Be Focused:

Always be focused with your objective and research question because this dissertation methodology section convince the audience for your best possible approach to answer your research questions.

Citation with relevant sources:

Your dissertation methodology can be reinforced by reference to the existing research; either to:
  • You must follow the best established practices for your research
  • Discuss well your evaluation of different methodologies
  • Convince that you took a novel dissertation methodological approach to address a slit in the literature
Write only for your audience:

Your dissertation is for your audience, that is why must include the essential information and do not go for unnecessary details. If the methods you are using are standard with your discipline then do requires background and justification. But if in the case of approach which is less common in your field then you might need to justify your choice with proper explanation. In any case, you must present a clear methodology, well-structured text to make an argument for your presented approach, not only a technical details and procedures.

Include Obstacles Faced:

Another important part that you must show your readers the obstacles you face in collecting or analyzing data and explain them how you coped with that. Add you efforts of how you minimized the impact of unexpected obstacles and rigorously made the research.
Hope this guide and tips by online dissertation help will aid you in your upcoming dissertation methodologies. If you want to hire an expert then avail the online dissertation help by Assignments Planet and become tension free.

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