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Do you know what is the title? And its magical power? Surely, in this article, I will explain to you about the title and how to draft the catchy titles. The title is the phrase or sentence which gives you a rough idea about the huge information.

If I shout in the remote area, does it have any meaning? Definitely not…! Same way if my title is not getting any kind of good response from the audience, it is like I am shouting in the remote place where my voice has no significance.

Please study thoroughly about how a search engine works. So that it helps you while writing the titles. Usually when we say the title in the field of digital marketing, generally it is classified into two types.

  1. Normal title

The visitor can view the normal titles on the webpage like ”Baby Toys Catalog”, “Precious SEO Advice” and many other types of titles can be seen. The titles on the webpage are embedded into the header tags (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6).

There is a convention to use these tags like h1 can be used only once, h2 can be used twice, h3, h4,h5 and h6 can be used multiple times, h4 and h5 are used specifically for conclusions.

It is necessary to follow the guidelines which are published by the search engines, breaching of guidelines leads to poor ranking on the website.

  1. SEO title

The sentence or phrase that is displayed on the SERP(search engine result page) is called the SEO title. The title should be catchy because the visitor reads this title before he/she clicks, if it is not catchy then the visitor may search for other sites.

While writing the titles it is important to insert the targetted keywords for gaining the optimal rank in the search engines, as per convention the title length should not exceed more than 60 characters.

The optimal title should have a length between 50-60 range. You can see the SEO titles, it will be displayed in the blue colour.

The good catchy titles have the ability to generate more traffic to the website, it can make the visitor spend more time on the website. Now, let us learn the factors which can make the title catchy.
  • Audience 

The audiences are an important factor while writing the title, initially, it is important to know for what kind of niche I am writing the title and who are my visitors or audience.

For example, if I am writing a title for the real estate company, then it is obvious that my audience is the folks who either whats to know the information about the land/property, the buyer of the property, seller of the property and others.

So, the possible keywords that I can use are property, developers, plots, real estate agency and others. In this niche, I cannot use words like shampoo, fruits, film because they are irrelevant.

  • SEO guideline

The good catchy titles can be written only by the folks who have a good understanding of SEO guidelines. Irrespective of whether we write normal or SEO titles, it should be written properly. 

If we are inserting the unwanted stuff into the titles it affects badly while the ranking of the website, place the relevant keywords in the titles.
  • Curiosity generator

As we all know that the title cannot provide complete knowledge or information about the niche, it just acts like an ignitor or curiosity generator about the niche and when the user reads the title he/she should feel curious and click on the title to know more about the specific title. 

For example, These 10 Tips Can Change your Poor Economic Condition, Reads This Blog completely To Get 1st Rank In the UPSC, Amazing Diet For Living Healthy And Longevity Of Life and many others. This kind of title creates a knowledge vacuum in the mind of the visitor which tends him/her to click on the title.
  • Numerals

Numbers or numerals should be used while writing the titles because it attracts the users and there is no mandatory that titles should be created only with the blend of characters.

Titles with the blend of numbers will help the visitor to predict, how much time it may take to read this blog? And how much information I can gain?

For example, top 2 incredible methods to free your hairs from dandruff, 5 vegetables which can control your diabetic level in 2 days and many others.

  • List the titles

It is not possible to draft the title in one go, initially, we make lots of mistakes. It is necessary to do a lot of keyword research based on those keywords we use in the titles.

It is better to list more titles which we are intended to use and when there is a list of titles, we should select the best title.


A title is a powerful tool utilized to attract visitors with catchy or attractive titles, I hope that with the help of this blog you got the idea related to drafting the attractive and catchy titles. I request you to feedback about this blog.

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