How to Use TurboTax Program with CD or DVD on Windows 10?

TurboTax is one such program that allows you to file your income tax return and it can be installed on your PC. But there're times when users would find difficulties to  install TurboTax with CD or DVD on Windows 10 , Especially. 

So if you're not able to install the program on your own, here're the steps you can follow to Do That and preparing to file your return using tool. 

Steps to Install TurboTax with CD or DVD on Windows 10 PC

 Step 1:  Wait, first check your Windows 10 connected PC, whether it is running with any third-party programs. 
Step 2:  If the above step is true, close those third-party programs and insert the CD / DVD you have bought for TurboTax. 
Step 3: On appearing a mini window, select the “Run” button. 
Step 4:  Proceed further with the “Next” button. 
Step 5:  Review and agree to the terms and conditions for the product's license. 
Step 6:  After a while, your installation process will be completed. 
Step 7:  Once the program is installed on your Windows 10 PC, an icon will be displayed on the Desktop tray. 
Step 8: Double-click on the icon and start preparing your return to file. 

What Should You Do If You Find Any Other Issues with TurboTax? 

If you find any other issues while using the program like  TurboTax not working  , You must let us know by Contacting our technician straight away. 
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