How To Use Self – Tapping Screws?

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The self-tapping screws are known for drilling their tunnels by cutting precise threads when screwed into wood, metal, or plastic. The self-tapping screws are best to use on those products which require daily maintenance like canopies, or air-conditioning units, etc. that need to disassemble and reassemble along the same threads.

The self-tapping screws can be inserted either by hand or by using an electric screwdriver.

How to Use Self-Tapping Screw?

Step 1: Before using self-tapping screws, it's helpful yet optional to drill a pilot hole through material. This certifies that the screw can easily go in, and will be positioned correctly. Always use a small drill bit than the self-tapping screw itself while drilling the pilot hole. What can happen if the hole is too large? The screw threads won’t find anything to attach with

Step 2: Now, position the screw straight, and screw it set up with a level head or Phillips screwdriver (contingent upon the screw head). If the screw goes in slanted, it could make the head strip. Next, fix the screw until it no longer turns without any problem.
Be careful not to over-fix the screw since it could make the strings strip.

Step 3: Since the self-tapping screws come with a sharp, piercing, or flat, blunt tip. The sharp-tipped screws tend to design for drilling their hole into softer materials including; wood and plastic so they don't need a pilot hole

The advantage of the flat-tipped screw is, it doesn’t get stuck in material and break off

Step 4: While drilling into a harder material instance, sheet metal, you will have to drill a pilot hole in advance. For thicker metal, it might require more than one screw to bore through the surface.

To spare time and work, you can utilize self-penetrating self-tapping screws to bore into metal. Though these screws are more costly, they're fit for boring and affixing in one stage.

Teocheoseng is the leading self-tapping screw fastener manufacturer in China where you can discover a massive variety of screws and fasteners for multiple industrial, and woodworking projects.

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