How to use Quickbooks payroll

Quickbooks desktop software is an accounting software which can be downloaded on your desktop, it includes some interesting features like QuickBooks payroll where it offers you to record your employee payroll updates, create paychecks, handle e-payment for employees and even free expert support for your small businesses. 

These unique features often overshadow Quickbooks'  few subtle issues like Quickbooks errors which occur due to working on corrupted files. 

You can fix this error with Quickbooks File Doctor

Nonetheless, In this post, you will get to know more about :

  • Every info you need before setting up a Payroll.

  • How to set up payroll in Quickbooks payroll

  • How to run payrolls in Quickbooks online.

Read this article until the end so you don’t miss out any important information.

Every info you need before setting up a Payroll

If you have employees, then you can realize the importance of records, previous payrolls and documenting every information. Before setting up a payroll in Quickbooks software, you need a few important information handy to enter and set up your payroll for success.

Here is the list of information you need for desktop and online payroll setup:

  • Employee information - compensation, benefits and information.

  • Company information

  • Direct deposit form

  • Hire date for each employee

  • Pay schedule and paycheck deductions

  • Sick or vacation pay (Paid-time-off).

  • Loans account liability information

This is all you need to enter data in QuickBooks payroll. Now let’s discuss how to set up your first  payroll in QuickBooks.

How to set up payroll in Quickbooks payroll

 Quickbooks provides you with three plans for your business so that you can choose the best one that suits your business perfectly. Let’s discuss the plans first before moving on to the steps.

  • QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite: This plan consists of powerful features like health benefits for your team, a personal HR for professional advice for your business and experts who will take care of your payrolls set-ups saving your precious time.

  • Basic Payroll in QuickBooks: This plan is best for businesses who just want to design instant paychecks, send direct deposits to their employees. 

  • Do it Yourself Payroll: If you’re someone who loves to have total control on the process of payroll then this is the plan for you. It helps to review all your payrolls before sending them which helps in preventing any mistake. Do it yourself payroll gives you proper information about tax filing and timely reminders for the payments. 

In a nutshell, QuickBooks will provide you with the best plan and you can sign up for a 30-day trial and choose what works best for your business.

Now we have discussed the features of these three plans, let’s discuss the main point, how to set up payrolls in Quickbooks. Follow the steps to do the same.

  • Head over to the payroll option, you can find it in the navigation bar.

  •  You will see a“Get started” button, click on it to proceed further.

  •  You can choose a plan as per your business convenience.

  • Now enter some basic information all about paying your employees.

  • Then click on “add employee”, and start adding each employee.

  • Enter information like name, birth date, hire date and payment schedule.

  • Complete employees info, also include year-to-date payroll info. 

( For instance, If you have paid any employee this year, enter his/her YTD from last payroll check issued)

Make sure you review all the payrolls and the information so that it is accurate. Once you have completed these steps you are good to go. 

How to run payrolls in Quickbooks online

Since you have records of all your employees', it’s time to run payrolls. Quickbooks makes it easy because you just need to enter payrolls hours and QuickBooks will do the rest for you.

Now, let’s discuss the steps to run payrolls in QuickBooks online:

  • From the payroll dashboard click “Run payroll”.

  • Enter your employees' work hours in the screen displayed.

  • Go to“preview payroll”.

  • Lastly, review all the details and info and hit “submit”.

It’s important to review payroll information for the last time before submitting it.


To summarize, Quickbooks allows you to run your payroll smoothly. But at the same time, it’s your responsibility to consign all the payroll taxes which are calculated by Quickbooks, every time you run a new payroll for your business account.  

Hope you find this article helpful and a good read.

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