How to troubleshoot Webroot Antivirus Error 102

Webroot antivirus is a top antivirus that offers various advanced features that can prevent every type of malicious threat. Webroot provides both data and internet security tools. Webroot activate ensures that you are using a premium Webroot plan which can deal with all types of malware and internet threats. Webroot antivirus has a strong interface where you rarely find any error. But still, people face lots of runtime errors with Webroot antivirus which can trouble you from time to time. Webroot antivirus error 102 is one of the common error which is reported by many Webroot users:

Symptoms of Webroot antivirus error 102:

Error 102 appears every time you open your PC

Webroot antivirus error 102 error appears whenever you open a certain program

Your scanning process interrupts and error 102 appears on the screen

Error 102 displayed unconditionally

Your input devices have started responding lately

Causes of Webroot error 102:

You have downloaded corrupt Webroot files

Your Webroot installation process gets corrupted

Another security software is conflicting with your Webroot antivirus

Windows program files get corrupted

You have deleted Webroot files mistakenly

Steps to fix Webroot error 102:

Uninstall another security program

If you have another security program or another Webroot setup on your PC then remove it before installing Webroot antivirus. Two or more security software can conflict together then you must uninstall another one. You should also remove all the files associated with that software. Uninstall all third-party programs from your device. If you are getting Webroot error 102 from a certain program; that program is conflicting with your antivirus so remove that program immediately from your PC by following the steps given below:

  1. Open your PC and go to start menu

  2. Click on Programs and files

  3. You will get a list of installed programs in your PC

  4. Choose the program you want to uninstall

  5. Click on uninstall button

Now restart your Windows computer and check whether your Webroot error 102 gets fixed or not. 

Update the PC drivers

Corrupted PC drivers can also provoke antivirus errors. Whenever you get any runtime error related to your antivirus; check for PC driver updates. But restoring the PC drivers manually is not easy because if you edit the wrong file then it will cause trouble to the whole computer. But various PC driver update tools can update all the drivers available on your device. You just have to download and install a driver update tool from the internet which is compatible with your system. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the process. Open your Webroot antivirus and check whether your error gets troubleshot or not.

Remove system junk

When you work on your device; temporary files get created. But once you complete your work; these files become junk. Temporary files not only accumulate space but can also create conflict with other programs sometimes. So, remove all the junk files from the device can help deal with this error:

  1. Open your PC and type command in the search bar

  2. Hold Shift and Ctrl button

  3. Hit the Enter button

  4. Click Yes in the permission box

  5. Black screen with a blinking cursor (command screen) will appear

  6. Type cleanmgr and press Enter button

This cleanup tool of Windows will check your whole disk and list down the files which you can remove from your device. Now check the list and click on all the checkboxes you want to remove from your device. Click on the confirm button to remove the junk files. Now restart your PC and check whether your Webroot error 102 gets fixed or not.

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