How to Stop Hair Fall in a Week

Hair Tone Oil is prepared by ksheerpak method of Ayurveda with Black sesame oil; in which there is a mixture of many valuable and precious herbs. Hair Tone oil is an Ayurvedic oil for hair fall & After applying this Ayurvedic Hair oil within 3 to 4 days hair fall(Ayurvedic oil for hair fall) is almost stopped and With its regular use we get rid of the split hairs, small short hair, thin hair, etc hair problems, and hair becomes dense, strong and soft. Usage method: Hair Tone Oil is very beneficial for men’s & women’s also, which used by the following instructions. Hair Tone Oil is applied by the help of dropper which is given in the Hair Tone Oil kit, in this process we have to put 10-15 drops of oil on the roots of hairs and massage it properly with the help of fingers. Men should apply it twice in a day morning as well as evening. Women should apply it at least 3-4 times in a week. Tip: For effective and best results wash hairs with any good herbal / Ayurvedic shampoo (which contains reetha, Sikakayi) second day after applying Hair Tone Oil The Ayurvedic oil for hair fall. Caution: Eat less salt, do not apply soap on hair.

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