How to solve the Norton error during a quick-scan

Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus programs which has top features to prevent all malicious threats around your device and network. Norton has a powerful scan that can flush out all malicious content from the PC. Norton offers you a scheduled scan that scans your device automatically from time to time. Norton antivirus firewall provides an extra layer of protection to the network which ensures that no one is accessing your network unauthentically. When you an Activate Norton Product Key; you get various top tools and advanced features to keep the device fully secure. The robust interface of Norton ensures that the user is not dealing with any type of issue. But some people still get errors while using the quick-scan feature. This is a runtime error usually getting troubleshot by restarting Norton but if your Norton is still showing the error then you should contact the Norton team for help.

Restart your computer

People use the quick-scan feature for scanning the device in minutes. This feature instantly scans all the potential files. But if your Norton quick-scan feature is not running then you should restart your Norton. Close the Norton dashboard and right-click on the screen. Click on the refresh button. Now click on the Norton icon from the screen and hit the quick-scan option. If your quick-scan is still showing the error then try restarting your device. Close all the running programs and shut down the PC. Now restart your computer and click on the Norton icon from the desktop. Hit the smart-scan option. Now check whether the scan is working or not. If not then you should ask for technical help.

Run a full system scan

Sometimes you can get this error due to a malware infection. Once you run a full system on the PC then it will remove all the viruses instantly. Follow the steps given below for running a full system scan:

  1. Close all the running program

  2. Click on Norton icon

  3. Norton dashboard will appear on the screen

  4. Go to My Norton window

  5. Click on Open button

  6. Norton main window will be displayed on the screen

  7. Double click on security option

  8. Hit the Scans option

  9. Scans window will open the desktop

  10. Choose Full system scan

  11. Tap the Go button

Norton's full scan process will take some time. Wait until the scanning process completes. Once complete; again go to Norton dashboard and run Norton quick-scan.

Restore Windows file corruptions

Sometimes Windows files show some corruption due to which you may get some runtime errors. If your quick-scan error is not troubleshot by restarting the computer then you should try checking Windows files. Here are the steps for restoring Windows files:

  1. Close all the running programs

  2. Click on the Start button

  3. Type command in the search box

  4. Hold shift and ctrl keys from the keyboard simultaneously

  5. You will get a permission prompt on the screen

  6. Select yes option on the permission box

  7. You will see a black box with a blinking cursor (command screen)

  8. Type sfc/scannow on the command screen

  9. Press Enter button

The System File Checker tool will start calculating all the Windows files. Once completing the scan; you will get a full Windows file scan report. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the Windows file restoration process. Now try to run quick-scan on your device.

Clean out system junk

If your computer is full of huge system junk then you may get various runtime errors, slow RAM, sluggish response, etc on the device. Whenever you see these types of issues; you should remove all the junk from the device. Don’t forget to remove the browser junk. Use %temp% for removing temporary files from the computer. If you want to remove all the junk then use the Windows disk cleanup tool. You can delete all the junk and unnecessary files from the device with this tool easily. Here are the steps for using the disk cleanup tool:

  1. Go to Start button

  2. Type command in your search bar

  3. Hold the shift key and Ctrl key from the keyboard

  4. Now press Enter button

  5. You will get a permission dialog box on the screen

  6. Select Yes button

  7. Command screen (black box with blinking cursor) will appear on the screen

  8. Type cleanmgr on the black box

The disk cleanup tool of Windows appears on the screen. This tool checks your hard disk and lists out all the items you can delete. A list of checkboxes will appear on the screen. Check the list carefully and check the boxes you want to delete one by one. Once you delete all the junk files from the PC then restart your computer. Now check whether your Norton error gets resolved or not. 

Update your PC drivers

The PC drivers of the device get corrupted easily. But these drivers are very crucial for performing any task. If you are getting any antivirus related error then corrupt PC drivers can be a cause of the error. But restoring the driver corruption manually is not an easy task. If you are not a technical person then you should not try restoring the driver files manually. Use driver update tools. You can easily get driver updating tools on the internet. Search for a driver update tool on the web browser which is compatible with your device. Install it and follow the on-screen commands. The driver update tool will update all the PC drivers on the device automatically. When you complete the driver updating process then restart your PC and open the Norton dashboard. Now check whether the error gets resolved or not.

Undo all your recent changes

If you are getting this Norton antivirus error after making any changes to the settings on your device then undoing the changes may troubleshoot your error. Go to the System Restore tool of Windows. A permission prompt will appear on the screen. Enter the admin password for confirmation and then follow the on-screen commands. Revert the changes and then open Norton antivirus. If you are still getting the error then ask Norton for help.

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